Nandina REM converts advanced-engineered materials that are reaching end of life, such as aircraft and wind turbines, into new sources of high-quality, ultra-low emission and traceable resources for the world’s most critical industries in the transition to Net Zero.

Our technologies and processes are at the forefront of what’s possible – delivering a breakthrough solution to companies that are seeking to prioritise governance and circularity in how they approach both asset decommissioning and traceability.

This solution is creating a new supply chain to fulfil the fast growing needs of industry, creating materials that are stronger, lighter, more cost-effective, and better for the environment.

Whatever your requirements, contact Nandina REM to engage with our team and start developing a cost-effective materials solution for your supply chain.


Our products


Carbon Fibre

Nandina REM offers a recovered carbon fibre product range that is reprocessed to aviation specifications. These are 17% stronger than comparable forms used for non-structural aerospace components, and cut the energy used in production by 71%.

Our carbon fibres and intermediate products are manufactured in Singapore under ISO 9001 quality assurance systems. These products and materials include:

  • Thermoplastic prepreg
  • Non Woven Fabric
  • Webfused tape
  • Hybrid yarn
  • 3D printing filament

Critical Metals

Nandina REM produces ultra-low emission aluminium and titanium alloys for use in a wide range of products such as electric vehicle battery casings.

We work through smelting partners who employ advanced production technology to ensure that the high-performance properties of engineered materials are maintained. Our alloys are lightweight with high tensile and yield strength, including:

  • Al 7075-T6
  • AlSi10Mg
  • Ti64

Nandina REM Operational Excellence Commitment Statement